Laser Dentistry

Laser DentistryCerritos Dentist, Dr. Azling is certified in laser use by the Academy of Laser Dentistry. This amazing technology enables him to get the job done efficiently, painlessly and extremely well.

Dr. Azling is one of the first dentist in the Cerritos area to offer full service laser dentistry to his patients.

The Waterlase, by Biolase, is an all purpose laser. Simple in its design but extremely versatile. It can cut both soft (gums) and hard (teeth and bone) tissue without discomfort in most cases.

Our Diagnodent laser allows us to diagnose decay BEFORE it can be seen by the eye or even on X-Ray. When this is combined with the Waterlase a patient can be assured of never needing another BIG filling.

It is our pleasure to offer these services to our patients.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Dr. Azling is pleased to offer Cerritos this state-of-the-art technology to his patients. Lasers are the most amazing new technology to come to dentistry in the last 50 years.

Just imagine...

  • Having gum surgery without the need for needles and no bleeding or stitches, being able to eat, drink and talk right after surgery with no discomfort.
  • Having teeth filled without the need for needles, being able to eat and talk and chew right after fillings.
  • Having small fillings that just remove the decay and are the natural color of the tooth, all done in one visit.
  • Not needing to hear the sounds of the dental drill.
  • An instrument that sterilizes as it heal . . . THAT IS WHAT LASERS DO!

All this is routine for our patients!

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