Keeping You Safe!

We have been using the most stringent sterilization protocols in our office for many decades, and have been following every recommendation by the ADA and CDC. And now we are incorporating additional sanitizing and protective measures to ensure your safety!

So, what are we doing to keep you safe while you are in our care?

  • We will be practicing social distancing between patients and staff. We will do our best to allow greater time between patients to reduce waiting times for you, as well as to reduce the number of patients in the reception area at any one time.
  • The front office team will also be wearing masks and will have plexi-glass partitions at their check-in and check-out counters.
  • The clinical team will be donning additional gear (kN95 masks, face shields, disposable or freshly sanitized gowns) to ensure your safety as well as theirs.
  • We will be having patients use a hydrogen peroxide pre-rinse that kills viruses and bacteria present in your mouth for up to 2 hours.
  • All touchable areas (countertops, door handles, pens, toilets/sinks) will be wiped down and cleaned on a regular schedule with EPA approved disinfectants that are especially effective at killing viruses. We are also adding an additional step in sanitizing our operatories with the use of a hypochlorous acid fogger, which kills any airborne viruses as well as disinfects all equipment, countertops and floors.
  • Every instrument goes through a detailed sterilization process of rinsing, ultrasonic scrubbing, and heat sterilization.
  • You will also notice in the operatories there will be two additional pieces of equipment: a medical grade air purification system (Jade unit by Surgically Clean Air) and an advanced high-volume extra-oral suction unit (PAX 2000).
The Jade unit runs 24/7 and is designed to recirculate and purify the air using a 6-stage filtration process (including advanced HEPA filtering and UV-C lights).
The PAX unit has a powerful vacuum that is positioned near your mouth and eliminates 95% of aerosols generated from your procedure. The PAX unit also has advanced HEPA filtering which works in tandem with the Jade unit to make your operatory cleaner and safer than ever before.

Jay M. Azling, D.D.S. & Associates